Jeb Bush defends his brother in speech

Jeb Bush departed from his prepared remarks on Thursday at the Republican Convention and instead used the opportunity to deliver a very direct message to President Obama: Stop blaming my brother.

Jeb’s defense of his brother wasn’t included in the prepared remarks that were given to reporters beforehand. Bush defended his brother, George W. Bush, by letting Obama know that his policies are to blame for his failures, not his brother.

“So Mr. President, it is time to stop blaming your predecessor for your failed economic policies,” he continued as a message to Obama, as the thousands in the arena gave him a loud standing ovation. “You were dealt a tough hand, but your policies have not worked. In the fourth year of your presidency, a real leader would accept responsibility for his actions, and you haven’t done that.”

I understand why Jeb felt compelled to defend his brother, who Obama uses as his excuse for all of his own failures. But this convention should be focused on the future, not on defending a past president who most independents and many Republicans dislike. The GOP should be distancing themselves from the big government conservative, George W. Bush.

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  1. Well said, Michelle! The bailouts, Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind were all big government actions under Bush that we’re paying for now. GOP should definitely distance themselves from that.

  2. I didn’t agree with all of W’s policies but he IS a good man with a lot of class. He always takes the high road.

    • thereaganiterepublican

      We should definitely steer clear of W’s spending and expansion of government, but other than that agree with Fred in-full- I consider W an honorable and principled man in a way Obama could never be

  3. I’m tired of Bush getting blamed for everything, when is Clinton going to get his blame, he was to busy hiding in closets with his aide and cigar and that’s putting it nicely.

  4. Actually, it got out on Thursday morning that he was going there. That said, you’re right. W was, by and large, a failed big government President.

  5. I disagree Michelle, the major reason so many people dislike Bush is because of the one sided media, I’m glad Jeb spoke up, most people are too afraid of the media to speak out.

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