Liberal Fox News Contributor: Michelle Malkin “needs to get laid.”

The always classy liberal Fox News Contributor, Tamara Holder, said on Fox Business today that Michelle Malkin “needs to get laid.”

Michelle Malkin took to twitter to respond to Holder:

Via Mediaite

“I don’t know her personally, but I’m not a fan of her debating style,” Holder said.

“I think that she probably needs to get laid,” she added to a chorus of chuckles from the other guests.

Holder has a tense debating past with Malkin. Back in July, the two of them got into a shouting match during a segment of Hannity that resulted in Malkin shushing Holder and exchanging harsh words.

“She’s very angry,” Holder continued.

“She needs to get laid?” Imus asked and Holder confirmed. “How’s that working out for you, by the way?”

“Well, not so well,” Holder responded. “But I’m not angry. I cope with it in other ways.”

She’s not a fan of Malkin’s debating style? I much prefer Malkin’s debating style, which consists of coming armed with facts– not personal attacks and tasteless jokes.

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  1. Michelle Malkin rocks, is awesome and is one of my very favorite people on TV. Tamara Holder is a Liberal Loony, drunk on the Obama Kool-Aid. Life or Death situation? Gimme Michelle Malkin.

  2. Michelle Malkin is a Hottie!! I doubt that she had any trouble getting dates before she was married, other than too many guys staring at and hitting on her 8^)

  3. So if Michelle has sex that will make her change her opinion and debating style? That’s typical liberal thinking that sex will make everything better!

  4. Tamara needs to go back to Jesse Jackson and get laid a few more times!

  5. Classic Alinsky tactics. Once a leftist tool, always a leftist tool.

  6. Isn’t Tamara Holder with Jesse Jackson Sr. anymore can’t he take care of this issue?

  7. The bottom line is Tamara Holder is just stupid. That’s it. Plain and simple. Anyone who’s seen her enough on Fox shows including her ill-fated guest host appearance on The Five would probably agree with me. I find her continuing presence at Fox puzzling. Critics of Fox say they just hire pretty blonds for eye candy and they think the women at Fox aren’t intelligent. The women on Fox are very intelligent. So what’s Holder doing there? I don’t want to sound mean or sexist but she’s a living “blond joke.”

  8. Holder is an idiot, and Malkin rocks. I always advocate that we conservatives should hold ourselves to the same standard we preach, so I’m curious, if you, Michelle, reported when Leeann Tweeden made similar statements about Joy Behar on Hannity within the last couple of years.

  9. I saw Rachel Madcow go berserk on what appeared to me to be a fellow Democrat but one who was NOT impressed by Obama and his reckless financial policies. The man was speaking calmly and stating empirical economic data. It was on Bill Maher’s program about 1 month ago. Madcow shushed the guy, stood up and started screaming at him. It was shocking. On her show she says patently false lies and gets a little cranky but she totally lost it on this particular episode of Bill Maher and she looked extranordinarily looney. The guy being attacked remained calm and was obviously taken aback by the crass, arrogant, tacky and smug Madcow.

  10. Chuck, I saw it too. That was Nick Gillespie of Reason Magazine on Bill Maher’s show. He’s a staunch libertarian. Maddow’s acted like she was being attacked by a simple question she refused to answer. Gillespie criticizes (and praises) left and right policy without regard to politricks. He was demonstrating Maddow’s bias by asking her to name even one GOP position or policy with which she agrees. That’s when she freaked, yelling, “Dude, you don’t know me!”

    • You got it brother. I was travelling for business and my hotel room had HBO. I saw Maher and Rachel Madcow was on his show and I figured it would be interesting watching some fiction that evening. Rachel went wacko! I knew she was a liar and a smug and arrogant person but the childish immaturity she showed that night, and I am sure that’s who ahe really is, was extraordinarily repugnant. I have to Google Nick Gillespie. He was so calm abd poised and Rachel Madcow even stood up and was yelling. Nick Gillespie was brilliant and Rachel Madcow was appalling. Thanks for sharing Johnny V.

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