Fannie, Freddie executives made total of $92 million in 2011


Taxpayers had to foot the $137 billion bill for Fannie Mae  and Freddie Mac four years ago and are still paying the price for it, but it seems as if Fannie Mae  and Freddie Mac’s execs aren’t doing too shabby. According to a new report from the inspector general for the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the companies paid their 90 executives a total of $92 million in 2011.


The report found that 333 employees at the “vice president” level had median pay of $388,000, meaning half were paid more and half were paid less. Some 1,650 employees at the “director” level had median pay of $205,300. Those 2,000 employees account for roughly one-sixth of the workforce.

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  1. I understand that there is a certain skill set involved in financial institutions of this magnitude, however the results of their labor is to say the least disappointing. They need to be held accountable for their poor performance. We need to get the government out of the housing business.

  2. It’d be interesting to see how much executives make at comparable private companies.

  3. Directors at my fortune 500 company make less than $100,000. Feel better now, my progressive friend?

    Once again, feeding at the government trough is always profitable.

  4. These folks make more than the President of the US. If the argument that we have to pay these kinds of salaries to hire competent employees is true, then that explains Obama’s performance!

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