Rapper Big Boi: ‘Bitch, I voted for Gary Johnson’

It’s nice to know that not all celebs are Obama zombies.

Watch Big Boi of OutKast discuss an encounter he had at an airport the day after Obama won the November election.

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  1. Could have done without the “Bitch”.

  2. The second video, an advertisement for a drink called Naked. Well, I discovered on YouTube there’s a drink in the U.K. called Pussy. Not kidding.

    • In the UK, “fanny” means vagina and “pussy” is just a cat. They also have a dish soap called “Fairy Liquid” and call cigarettes “fags.” It’s all different over there, even though we all speak “english.”

  3. Great :-) you voted for the least totalitarian candidate. Gary Johnson is the best choice for individual freedom and tolerance.

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