Study: One in three Americans aged 18 to 31 living at home with parents

Why are so many young Americans living at home with their parents? A new study from the Pew Research Center found that one in three Americans (18-31 years of age) are living at home with their parents.

I went on Fox News to discuss this with Neil Cavuto and Hadley Heath of the Independent Women’s Forum.


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  1. hi there michelle i am from UK and it is a similar story here regards our young peoples a lot of it is obviously lack of money work options after theyve failed to fledge the nest!! here in UK a 4year study at degree level costs £46k pa they then emerge to high regional levels of unemployment obtaining a job here as it is also there extremely difficult the bank of mum & dad accomodation issues where there are shortages here in UK probably over priced there in USA also all contribute to failed fledglings they have to have another tree to fly onto and in a recession those chances are reduced we have bedroom tax here in UK wherby recently a UN monitor cited human rights abuses by british conservative govt agianst its own peoples by forcing them on low incomes but with housing spaces to downsize!! pay a levy! if occupied!! against their recommends! i hate to point out this but one of the objectives of the illuminati is to scupper individual freedoms as they are satanic and one methods they use is at the achilles heels of all families is housing issues! they dont actually want us the people to own our own homes!
    this may sound a bit wacked out!! but it is actually an illuminati directive or goal!!
    i believe the real estate markets are pandering to an elite and the social housing is being left to go to rack n ruin! thew other issue comes how are these kids going to ever be able to afford a home at the hyper inflated valuatiuons of modern day homes either for rent or buy and this is where the illuminati has a grip on our finances via fed reserve and other corporate concerns it usually influences heavily by fiscal measure or owns! i believe the masses are indeed being conned by a pre rigged trap! in both work and housing that is being manipulated by some pretty unsavoury peoples clandestinely all through the banking structures and fed reserve rates which set affect all of us? the recession whether manipulated or not is also negatively impacting on money flow! employment for young peoples is toughest its ever been! EU or USA spains youth unemployed is currently at 57% highest in europe! the amount of jobs created in the entire spanish economy so far this year w=is only just 32 vacancies so when barroso stands up in EU parliament and kicks off at UK representatives in conservatives party braggin that they may well lose next elections to UKIP a newer more radical party in general disfavor of EU alliances he barosso was made aware by the UK candidate that his home countrys track records arent that great either he should not have been commenting on internal domestic policy at the EU conference but couldnt refuse a snibe! comment!
    i find that if employers dont contact candidates back after sending numerous apps to employers the youth posess the quals not necessarily the experience there isnt anywhere much elses for them to go except home!! initiatives that create affrodable housing are few and far between and in no ways go anywhere near to capcities needed to accomodate the youth of the USA or UK or world where in india pakistan bangladesh they are sleeping under their sewing machines working for a mere 20p or 20cents! per day!
    our own system is open to abuse by some pretty powerful movers shakers like the fed reserve corporates banking systems who define the parameters
    as i have said one of the best ways of devaluing someones existences is denying them a home this actually whether you believe it or not is one of the satanists main goals objectives and when you take into account the associations with congress republican democrat these peoples are so sly they dont care who gets in as they have peoples to continue on their policies in both camps iregardless of what the peoples think or vote for!
    so their own agendas always gets served the illuminati works very well in backgrounds at committee levels as they allow us to make the obvious choices decisions but to their particular drumbeat! their motto is novo ordus seclorum mout of the greek latin new world order which they are in the processess of creating worldwide and order out of chaos they dont tell you that they are the ones creating the false flag crisis? like their moves to create the arab spring! was co ordinated like a psy ops campaign! they are the sheperd we are the willing sheep! so home ownership is of course affected when in the hands of evil greedy peoples who wish to hit peoples hardest in the most vulnerable area of their lives!! which brings most satisfactions which is being able to own your own home!!! this current inability to do anything by our youth against it is causing great misery also one of their stated objectives they even have a set of playing cards online for the some of the horrible events they wish to impose upon the rest of us! look it up online under youtube!! illuminati playing cards you will see for yourself how twisted these peoples are and how engrained in the banking system they also are which affects our mortgages! the rothschildes as a family own 76% of all the worlds banks! one family!! so is it any wonder thousands of peoples are lacking money to purchase their first home when it is a fed reserve maggy mai freedy mac stitch up it was that crisis that sparked off global downturn! in world markets the bubble burst from the lies in US mortgage markets!!
    who was behind it the illuminati! they scored when others lose out they score big time they went into greece with 3days to go before handback of huge sums to EU came out of it with hundreds of millions as lehman brothers showed greek ministers how to shave off a few hundred million about 800 m off their debts with just 3days to deadline their cut was over half!! not bad for only 3days work huh?
    this type of immoral racketeering has a knock on effects to every single one of us no matter what country we are in i have friends in USA minnesota who work in real estate its had a slump now looking up a tad! but still iffy!

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