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Petraeus Soap Opera Explained

This whole Petraeus soap opera is obnoxious and frustrating because this will probably be the closest that our media will get to discussing Benghazi.

This will probably be the only thing you’ll hear about for the rest of the week, so you might as well try to understand what the heck is going on. This should help:

HT: Shane Mayer

FBI searches the house of Petraeus’ mistress

This story keeps getting weirder and weirder by the day. The FBI conducted a “consensual” search of Paula Broadwell’s home late Monday evening.

Via the Blaze

A spokeswoman for the FBI has confirmed agents went to Broadwell’s home in Charlotte on Monday night. However, FBI spokeswoman Shelley Lynch declined to say what the agents were doing there.

FBI agents appeared at Broadwell’s home carrying the kinds of cardboard boxes often used for evidence gathering during a search. They walked through the open garage of Broadwell’s house and knocked at a side door before entering the home. One person was taking photographs of the house and its garage as members of the news media watched.

Petraeus resigned his CIA post last week after acknowledging an extramarital affair.


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