VIDEO: MSNBC pundit arrested for vandalizing anti-Muslim ad

Someone needs to let MSNBC & CNN political pundit, Mona Elthaway, know that censoring speech and defacing private property isn’t free speech.

Elthaway was arrested for defacing an anti-Muslim ad in the NYC subway system. The video below, via New York Post, shows her spraying pink paint over the advertisement. Watch the insanity:

6 thoughts on “VIDEO: MSNBC pundit arrested for vandalizing anti-Muslim ad

  1. Michael Parcell says:

    Where is the racism? Can somebody that misinformed on the facts keep her job? Doesn’t she need to explain how this is a racist poster? Never-mind, it is MSNBC. They can see racism on the far side of Pluto, from their basements.

  2. Michael Parcell says:

    Is this where an objective Media ends up! I noticed they were overly fair with Islam so i assumed it was liberals trying to be fair with their moral compass or something. But when Al Jazeera TV and the rest call the followers of Judaism the spawn of Satan bred from dogs and pigs, when their children watch cartoons about the filthy Jews, when they have daily talk-shows where men call in happily suggesting their son is “training” to be a suicide bomber!!! I mean even I know they do this! NO WAY this self professed “EGYPTIAN AMERICAN” doesn’t know this. How can you hide behind a curtain of what you claim is “FAIR” journalism when your BENDING OVER backwards to capitulate to not only the demands of an aggressive body of fanatics but your also acquiescing to their whims!!! On what planet does a journalist go into a situation like this and believe to say both sides are innocent is he/she being objective!!! One is on a continual religious war call to kill the other, while the other is on a continual call to have their lives and borders respected (POST A HOLOCAUST, A RED ZION, AND A ANTI-SEMTIC EUROPE :not all of course). The world has seriously lost its compass or at the least getting magnetic interference.

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