Obama video ended up just being a distraction, not a game changer

If you were following Drudge Report last night you probably saw him teasing about this video that was acquired by the Daily Caller. The video was supposed to be an election game-changer.

But in all honesty, Obama’s record is far more damaging than anything he said or did in the video. Sure, Obama’s tone and rhetoric is undoubtedly more charged in this speech than anything we’ve heard or seen from Obama before, but shouldn’t winning an election be the number one priority of conservatives? And the question is, will a video like this help win an election? Will it win over swing voters? No, of course not.

This video isn’t conservative’s best argument against an Obama presidency and it shouldn’t have been drummed up as if it was. It makes conservatives look like they have a weak case against Obama.

We have over 8% unemployment, an administration involved in a cover-up regarding the Libya attacks, and a country that is 16 trillion dollars in debt.  These facts are far more devastating than this video. Conservatives should be talking about Obama’s terrible economy and disastrous foreign policy on the eve of the first presidential debate, not five year old videos of Obama.

The video ended up being nothing more than a distraction from the real game changer– Obama’s record.

4 thoughts on “Obama video ended up just being a distraction, not a game changer

  1. Shirley says:

    I agree, for me it was something REAL AMERICANS already knew about Obama. That is why we did not vote for him the first time. get it on gasoline, regulation, executive orders and jobs. Why Romney does not see this I will never understand. Common sense!!!

  2. John Bucek says:

    I agree. Sean was excited that he finally got the full video that the main stream media ignored or covered up but, unfortunately, this video would have been shocking and effective last election, not this election. Obama’s actions during his term already show what he believes and how he rules.. err governs. He will literally say or do anything to get re elected. He clearly has no shame and no honor. Anyone who is too stupid or ignorant to see that, will not be swayed by this video.

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