Affirmative Action Supporters Rally outside of Supreme Court

Supporters of affirmative action rallied outside of the U.S. Supreme Court today as the justices heard arguments over the University of Texas at Austin’s consideration of a college applicant’s race in its admissions program.

The case, Fisher v. University of Texas, centers around a 22 year old Texan named Abigail Fisher who claims she was denied admission to the university because she is white.


Videography by Andres Rocha

9 thoughts on “Affirmative Action Supporters Rally outside of Supreme Court

  1. Ryk says:

    I don’t want to sound mean, but there definitely seems to be some IQ issues in some of the commenters in the Affirmative Action video. I suppose a critic might ask if the smart ones were edited out.

  2. dawz says:

    I don’t need a condescending video to tell me there are a bunch of morons walking around D.C. But anybody with common sense knows affirmative action was a direct result of inbred white morons trying to maintain a segregated society 50 years ago.

    Now you have generations of people who have been raised to learn how to cheat the system, and the grandchildren of those aforementioned white folks want to come out and lambast them for doing so. To which I say, you reap what you sow.

    How about a video with a true desire to educate? That would come off much more appealing than a series of over-edited, patronizing interviews.

    1. Mauricio says:

      right on the money. You go to ANY rally and in less than an hour you can capture great footage of people with no idea of how to verbalize what ideal they are supporting.

  3. Richard says:

    Sorry you interviewed people who are uninformed and opinionated, but those are the ones who prove your point and people can look at this video and laugh. Affirmative should be that most qualified person gets the nod, but if the reason they are not do what it takes so they can be. Not letting somone fully qualified not in brings us back why it was needed in the first place. It started as a mandate to make sure everyone got a fair deal, and that goes both ways. An educated informed person being interviewed would not make news.

  4. annette says:

    Affirmative Action has outlived its’ time – The Constitution specifically forbids discrimination, and all the lunacy of AA does is discriminate solely based on pigmentation, which is not a qualifier for anything. The most famous person (no clue if he is American) to benefit to date from this lunatic policy, is Barry Soetoro, AKA B Hussein Obama. He is a classic example of why AA does not work – he has zero qualifications to run a lemonade stand, and yet played the entire country because of his 6% pigmentation that is darker than the 50% of his pigmentation that is another color, and 44% of his pigmentation that is another color. BUT because he’s never held a real job, never run a payroll, never been responsible for anything in his entitled, elitist, 1% life he’s led since he was a small child – he played the country, lied about his entire background, and BAM he is leader of the free world. Ignorant take advantage of a federal program that has never worked.

  5. Yvette says:

    Boy, I bet this reported who did interview an 18year by the name of Brendien Mitchell won’t put his video recording up because he hammered her. This is not reporting this is racial bating. If you are a real journalist which she is not, she would report all truths.

  6. Ray says:

    What’s the Asian kid doing there? Does he know he is demonstrating AGAINST himself? LOL, he is the one that gets bumped out when someone less qualified gets into Harvard before he does.

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