Pro-Obama ad: We will burn this motherf—- down and c-ck punch Romney

Whoever thought this was a good idea should be fired immediately.
The liberal group teamed up with liberal filmmaker Michael Moore and created a new anti-Romney ad that features elderly voters threatening to  c***punch Romney and “burn this motherf***er down” if Romney wins in November.


WARNING– Graphic and NSFW.





12 thoughts on “Pro-Obama ad: We will burn this motherf—- down and c-ck punch Romney

  1. zbigniewmazurak says:

    This is a sign of desperation, plain and simple. The LOSING Obama camp is so desperate it is now throwing vulgarisms at Romney.

  2. brian says:

    funny, they want free elections only if you vote for Obama….we just want voters to show they are legal to vote….then vote for whoever you want

  3. Denise King says:

    First of all I believe these are actors hired to play these rolls-it;s BAD acting. Second I think they are in a dementia unit. You can teach the ignorant but there’s no cure for stupid- it’s called ‘stuck on stupid’.

  4. jon says:

    This is what desperation looks like. The Dems know they are loosing- regardless of what you see in the media. they are great with the marketing though. calling not letting us commit voter fraud “voter suppression” is genius. thats like calling rape “making new friends” genius…..shamefull, but genius.
    Here’s how you stop voter suppression: ready? GET A FUCKIN ID- THEYRE FREE!
    Id is required to stop fraud. ie- Deomcrat comunity organizers from getting a bunch of bums, promising them liquor and getting them to vote for their candidate. happens all the time. both sides cheat, Democrats have made a science out of it.

  5. Pierre-Yves St-Onge says:

    Voter suppression indeed. In Canada, I’ve always needed to show ID to vote, which is for the last twenty years. Can’t vouch for before that, but I am pretty sure it happened before. Just seems logical to everyone else.

  6. Richard says:

    Voter ID might work in Canada. We can’t do that here in the US it has been shown to disenfrancise our “Dead Voter Population”. Who tend to vote absentee. LOL.
    I agree secret service showed up when effigy of POTUS was displayed, I would see this as a bodily threat to a
    Presidental candidate.

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