Petraeus Soap Opera Explained

This whole Petraeus soap opera is obnoxious and frustrating because this will probably be the closest that our media will get to discussing Benghazi.

This will probably be the only thing you’ll hear about for the rest of the week, so you might as well try to understand what the heck is going on. This should help:

HT: Shane Mayer

3 thoughts on “Petraeus Soap Opera Explained

  1. Daniel Knopp says:

    I heard today that both General’s sent letters to help Mrs. Kelley’s twin sister with a custody case. I was just saying today that we need a rolling cork board, push pins, and some red twine to follow the players in this case. Everything seems to lead back to Mrs. Kelly, who I saw reports today that seem to suggest that she and General Allen were having an affair, and that she is also married to a doctor. Side note: I think I heard the names Petraeus, Kelley, Broadwell about 100 times, Benghazi I think it is working

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