Gawker defends man who punched Steven Crowder


I swear…being an awful, pessimistic, liberal, basement-dweller is a requisite for being hired at Gawker.

Max Read over at Gawker has posted an atrocious story (via his mother’s basement) asking whether “we really have to condemn the union protester who punched Fox News Comedian Steven Crowder?”

Read’s attempt to defend this act of violence is so ridiculous that I’m beginning to believe that he is either:

1. Trolling. Hard.

2. Trying to get clicks on his story

3. A terrible human being

It’s most likely all of the above.

VIDEO of the assault:

Max attempts to take the side of the violent protester by implying that Crowder deserved it for inserting himself into the  situation and advises Steven to “stop whining, take your licks, and accept that getting hit in the face is a hazard of inserting yourself in the middle of an argument between billionaire-funded know-nothing ideologues and people whose livelihoods and stability are being threatened by the insatiable greed of the super-rich and the blind extremism of their wooden-headed political allies.”

Really? I would love to see this writer’s reaction if a writer at Gawker had gotten punched in the face at a Tea Party event while reporting. I highly doubt the reaction would be the same. It shouldn’t matter what political party you belong to, violence should always be condemned.

22 thoughts on “Gawker defends man who punched Steven Crowder

  1. ronrulejr says:

    I like Crowder’s response … he’s giving the guy an opportunity to square off in a real fight, or face charges. Crowder’s an MMA expert, it would be fun to watch. I know it took a lot of discipline on his end not to take the guy down right there.

  2. Phillip McAllister says:

    This could generate millions for charity. If Duckworth accepts, he will be roundly defeated. If he refuses, he and his union goons will be finished. Either way, he is humilated which is, at least, what he deserves.

  3. Richard says:

    I’m sure you meant to say this, but you should add it to similar posts in the future: “violence AS A MEANS FOR EXPRESSING AN OPINION should always be condemned.” There are plenty of situations where violence is necessary, unfortunately, including not least self-defense.

  4. Don AZ says:

    I’ve seen that argument elsewhere — that Crowder “deserved it” because he was a provocative element on the scene. Somewhere — Powerline, I think — someone challenged conservatives to name a single case where liberals at a Tea Party event acted in such a way. My first thought was that CNN (or was it CBS … they’re all the same) correspondent who took to debating with Tea Party participant. It was the exact same scenario … except that the Tea Party participant remained calm and reasonable.

    1. R Nelson says:

      At Gathering of Eagles I in D.C., not a Tea Party event, but many of the same participants including moi, a wee little man of an anti-war protestor, certainly liberal, wandered into the midst of all of us screaming and calling us “baby killers”. We just pointed at him and laughed amongst ourselves; not one of my fellow veterans sucker punched him or got in his face. So, there’s at least one case.

  5. Denton says:

    If the first comentator is correct, I think Crowder’s response is silly. The attacker committed assault. The way to stop this is to hammer these people with full force of civil and criminal charges, not offer mutual combat. It’s a bigger issue than Crowder’s amusement.

    1. Rob Crawford says:

      I think Crowder’s point is: “You attacked me in a time and place where I could not fight back; I’m giving you a chance to square off against me where and when I *CAN* fight back. Are you man enough to do so, or will you only attack someone who cannot respond?”

    2. ronnor says:

      It wasn’t just assault it was assault and battery a criminal offense. If the man had prior arrests for the same thing it could be a good jail sentence. Usually people like this has done it before and if it was in a stand you’re ground state it could have been lethal.

  6. Darren says:

    I admire Crowder’s discipline as well. But if he responded this was going to be nowhere near a fair fight, there were hundreds of union stooges. He could pummel Fat Tony there only to be jumped on by eight or ten more. Only Chuck Norris could get out of that one.

    I am surprised that no one has remarked that MI is a right-to-carry state and nobody got shot. It doesn’t get much more heated and violent in terms of a crowd than that, and there was no gunplay.

  7. Alex Bensky says:

    Curiously enough, neither Detroit paper mentioned this, at least on their websites.

    And as referred to above, the only violence at Tea Parties was instigated by outsiders (cf. “Kenneth Gladney”). For that matter, if a Tea Party had to have a “safe tent” or “rape-free zone” we’d still be hearing about it. For that matter, if the Tea Parties had been sparked by a known anti-Semite, which is the case for Occupy Whatever, we’d still be hearing that.

  8. gregq says:

    Hey, no problem. It is Gawker editorial policy that every single Gawker writer should be punched in the face at least four times any time they show up at a protest.

    Good to know.

  9. Laika's Last Woof says:

    To call him a “troll” is to give the rest of the liberal / progressive community the benefit of a doubt they have demonstrated they do not deserve.

    Daily Kos is reveling in the violence right along with Gawker. As awful as the truth may be, Max Read speaks for his community.

  10. Elise Leonard says:

    I swear, every day it just gets worse and worse. I believe if we would all realize being accountable has NOT gone out of style and remember what we were taught as children, perhaps we would see that we are ALL getting played by the government and the main stream media. 😦

  11. lottie jump says:

    lol you’re all hilarious. steven chowder is a total tool and everyone knows they were out there intentionally provoking people. they were throwing pennies at the protesters telling them that’s all they’re worth. if you throw pennies at a homeless person you should expect to be punched in the face. THAT IS ACCOUNABILITY. you ARE accountable for your words and actions. didn’t your mothers ever tell you, “one day you’re going to smart off to the wrong person and hopefully live to regret it”? REAL MEN don’t carry guns. REAL MEN don’t go whining about calling the cops and lawyers when they get what they deserve. steven chowder is a little boy who stepped to some MEN. don’t start nothin’, fox news, and won’t be nothin’. tony camargo is a TRUE BLUE REAL AMERICAN HERO. and you’re all going to regret this because you made him the working class hero to believe in, who stands up to the bullies on the playground and let’s them know we’re not going to take it anymore.

  12. Al Kenny says:

    As a member of a union,I find these big city Union Thugs,as disgusting ,if not more so ,then the rest of you…In the 90’s.we were involved in the “War in the Woods” when the huggers and “friends of whatever” were trying to put up to 20%of our province in parkland……We had real close to 20.000 people at the front lawns of the British Columbia legislature buildings,and except for some extra traffic enforcement,no cops…..A few months earlier,some of the aforementioned huggers and friends had had a protest and crashed the legislature doors in,and had broken one older security officers arm…..At the time we were the International Woodworkers but have sorta downsized and integrated with the SteelWorkers since then…….I.m not saying we’re saints,but we sure aren’t those Union Thugs as hilighted by the last election and events afterwards.

  13. shrikeback says:

    Oh, come on. Given Leftism’s body count in the tens of millions just in the twentieth century, everyone know Lefty’s love violence. Why be disingenuous about it?

    “You can’t cook a Utopian without cracking a few skulls.” -Joseph Stalin
    “What you need, my friend, is a Holiday in Cambodia.” – Pol Pot’s Minister of Truth

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