Rapper’s fans threaten to rape Michelle Malkin for criticizing his album cover


Conservative blogger and commentator, Michelle Malkin, wrote a post about the Game’s new music album. Here is the blasphemous album cover:


Now, the Game has launched a campaign on twitter to try to destroy Michelle Malkin and to get fans to boycott Fox News. The amount of threatening and vulgar tweets being sent to Malkin is disgusting, with some people even threatening to rape her. Here is a snapshot of some of the messages being sent to Malkin from The Game and his fans.

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 11.16.58 PM

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 11.15.20 PM

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 11.14.39 PM

57 thoughts on “Rapper’s fans threaten to rape Michelle Malkin for criticizing his album cover

  1. Ryan S says:

    When will people realize, if you propagate ignorance, no one is going to want your patronage/viewership anyways. Besides, aren’t FoxNews viewers supposed to have lower IQs anyways? Maybe if these Twitter thugs would shut up and watch the show, they’d find it right up their alley.

  2. Al Kenny says:

    Hopefully Ms. Malkin lives in a concealed carry state or has some real big,mean,devoted security people…I can’t believe the level of hostility and intelligence displayed. One’s real high and the other’s real,real low. And guess which is which.

  3. Loperus says:

    Game’s fans threatened not Game himself. What will you be held liable if your friend threatens to rape me? Game never passed racist remarks but Michelle Malkin did, Game should’nt be held liable for what his fans does.

  4. Refello says:

    Well said loperus, How can Game be held be held responsible for what his fans do?He has millions of fans who are different types of people( from multi millionaire like Dr.Dre to beggars in the streets, from church pastors to racist people) Michelle Malkin passed racist comment and is trying to hide it by quoting what Game’s fan said. Quote what Game said.

  5. DawgMG says:

    Im a game fan but this women is right it is blasphemus to our lord and savior JESUS THE ONE TRUU GOD! FUK MUHAMUD AND ALLA OR WAT EVER

  6. Michael Parcell says:

    I believe this a result of social networking; connecting left wingers with the public right-wing of the USA! I mean these people have existed since the discovery of race, or difference and always will. But thanks to, “ROCK the VOTE” and the liberal campaigns to have ‘everyone vote.’ This is what happens. I kind of like their ignorance! In a way it helps us all know who is behind the liberal vote! People who have NO idea on earth what communism or socialism are now get to be heard and seen as the Obama worshipers try to deny being! People with NO IDEA on earth why they go to the polls! Other than Somebody told them Fox was racist!!

  7. Michael Parcell says:

    Ryan S, in case you haven’t noticed, they “are” the anti-Fox News crowd! Stop trying to disown them!:) Check out their wonderful logic throughout this comments section! TO THE REST, she is LIBERTARIAN on many issues (Government intrusion on our privacy for $300)! Maybe she just became aware of the Libertarian movement becoming a bag of anti-Semitic Jew haters; who believe that Israel was a Rothschild plot; that Zionists are controlling the world through central banking etc. Put Hitler’s playbook down guys. Your as libertarian, as I am Santa. Libertarianism does not equate to anarchy! And how can you be the arbiter of whether or not Michelle Fields is a Libertarian, or a Conservative-Libertarian, or a Conservative? It would take a LOT of hours of talking to someone before you could EVEN GUESS!!!! The Political landscape is CONSTANTLY changing, as are the parties and what is needed! Instead of providing evidence to support your accusation,- an old friend “How much are you being paid to be on their puppet strings?”-, you instead slander her!! What puppet string? Oh wait; you must be a “modern” libertarian. Let me guess! Its a BILDERBERG string? Or a ROTHSCHILD one? Don’t kill us all with anticipation.

    1. Karin says:

      What in the world?

      I knew it! I always knew republicans only wanted some people (minus women and minorities) to vote. This whole voter fraud thing was just a cover up for what you guys really wanted: less non white male voters.

      For people who live by the constitution, you guys sure do hate it. Yeah, “everyone” can vote. Not just you.

      1. Spoos in August says:

        Actually, many states don’t allow convicted felons to vote, though there is some pressure to change that.

        Personally, I’d rather not have murderers, thieves, and other assorted thugs voting; I suppose that makes me a bad person?

  8. tracieglynn says:

    I have not read Ms. Malkin’s comments concerning “The Game’s” album, but just by looking at the picture of the cover, I will say this, there is only one God. He is the father of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Mary and of Jesus our Savior, who is The Christ! He is God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Ghost! He and only He is the reason for this Christmas Season. Not Muhammad, nor the Islamic god of Allah. Not even our president is the reason for the Christmas season and no, our government didn’t help with it either as he would have us believe. No, God and the Holy Ghost and his mother Mary can take all the glory for creating and “building this tiny baby that grew into a man” to save the world from their sins if they will only ask and repent. So, Mr. Game, where do you fit into this picture? What would your Grandmother say? Did she take you to church when you were a little boy? What about your Great-greatgrandmother? Instead of instigating hate and discontent, why not try writing about something uplifting and inspiring. I bet you haven’t even tried. I know, why don’t all of the rappers get together now that they make the “Big Bucks” and see if they can write songs that will inspire and uplift their kids in their old neighborhoods to study hard stay in school or sing to get out and have a better life. Put some of “yo money” into your neighborhoods schools, community centers playgrounds etc. Maybe you can get a tax writeoff instead of paying all those dollars of taxes on it, ’cause yo boy in the Big House aint gonna exempt you from paying taxes. You are now in the 1% just like Mitt Romney that you were making fun of.

  9. Michael Parcell says:

    @DawgMG ‘The Documentary’ was one of the best rap albums ever IMHO (not that it’s message was good)! I guess common sense and talent do not go hand in hand (Matt Damon, Sean Penn, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Roman Polanski, Joesph Goebbels, Madonna, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Napoleon, Nietzsche, Arthur Fonzareli, well the list could continue forever but I will spare everyone!) Of course most maniacal madmen in history were gifted scholastically; or in some form or another! Yet not gifted in conviction; morality;courage;humanity;dignity;humility or any number of traits that, while not gaining in pop culture, make all the difference to mortality rates! And please no-one infer I am comparing Matt Damon to Hitler! HITLER almost controlled the world and out foxed his own Generals 9 times out of 10 with better decisions than were recommended! (Then later murdered millions of innocent people of course!) Matt merely worships like figures that Hitler,Mao,Stalin etc worshiped when it comes to economic theory! ! hahaha Ayyyyy

  10. StreetWearAddict says:

    Loperus:Game never passed racist remarks but Michelle Malkin did,<~~~ WHAT did she say that was a "racist remark" lmao im still waiting to see one..

  11. Mikal Dmon says:

    They can’t seem to handle a women speaking her mind..It’s offensive to them,and their feelings are hurt, when we disrespect the artistry of a black man’s album cover. Did he draw this himself or something? Also rappers are a race now, which is why she must be racist 4 dissing him. The say we have a dumbing down of America and just look at all the evidence..PS You guys know conservative women train to shoot guns right?

  12. Windy Wilson says:

    Agntsa! Of course, if this were an image, not of Jesus but of Mohammed, it would not be Michelle Malkin receiving these threats, but Game himself, for the crime of basphemy. I would expect a fatwa to be issued and Game would then have to go into hiding and become a neighbor of Salman Rushdie.
    He has some insensitive, crude and violent fans, doesn’t he?

  13. longanlon says:

    It’s funny how they call her “slanted eye cunt” and then complain about HER being racist…

    I’m not going to even touch “just a hoe who doesnt know her place” and the respect for women in the black ghetto culture.

  14. rc33 says:

    “We cannot allow racism to carry itself into the NEW YEAR!!!!!”
    “fuck you slant eye cunt”

    …and we have a new leader in the clubhouse!

    This nation is done. We fully deserve all the shit that’s forthcoming.
    Good call, America.

  15. M says:

    Michelle Malkin hobbies includes harassing innocent kids..dead or alive.. and their families like Tray von Martin used the wrong picture to “prove” her point (so much for intelligence) and in the past harassed a 12 year old boy and his family (Grahame Frost). Michelle also likes making fun other peoples religion,sexual orientation and even thought that the detainment of Japanese people was fine by her.

    I may not agree with what the Game did with the picture of Jesus Christ’she isn’t right for downgrading Muslims. If she was soooo concerned about God and Christianity she would know that god isn’t partial and that she isn’t supposed to look down on someone who derives from another religion. God said in the book of Matthew how we shouldn’t judge others because we’re also being judged.

    She may not have said wasn’t racist, but she was just as wrong for some of the things she have said about other people.To me,its just as blasphemous for a woman who claims to be Christian, but continues to slander and unjustly harass people. The Game may not shut down her show,but god can.

  16. Luchesar Tomov says:

    Well, well, well. And you ask why there are problems with racism. Those people and their reactions are such embarassment for their relatives

  17. Black panthers right to bear arms says:

    I heard Tim tebow had a fan who killed people, so you think tebow is at fault? Btw there is a long pattern of blacks being overly and unfairly criticized on Fox News so I’m not sure why some republicans act like they don’t the deal.

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