4 thoughts on “Should A&E have suspended Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty?

  1. Jody De Carlo says:

    I don’t have time, nor do I care, to watch something that makes me feel like my IQ is sinking fast! What a STUPID SHOW FOR STUPID IDIOTIC PEOPLE!

  2. Joy Lipscomb says:

    What is the matter with you! Your comment on why should old people receive social security stuns me!! Us old people have paid into social security for years. That is our retirement because most jobs we have had don’t have a plan to afford us any other retirement benefit. We have worked hard to get the lousy benefits we do get. It is NOT entitlement – we have earned every damn dime of it. Most of us only get a few hundred dollars a month and that is supposed to take care of all our living expenses. What does your retirement package pay you? Besides a whole lot more? Not everyone of your entitlement generation has such an easy road. Your life was built on the back of mine. Be grateful for what you have – and don’t be so damn ignorant about what you don’t know.

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