9 thoughts on “Is the media finally turning on Obama?

  1. Ryk says:

    Not a fan of socialism, but Hoenig’s Ayn Randian, Darwinian everyone is on their own point of view is equally extreme. The difference between the Libertarian and mainstream conservative point of view, I guess. Ayn Rand ended up on Social Security.

  2. Jody De Carlo says:

    Wayne Rogers & your comments on the Jan. 11 show The Five were very naive or intentionally untrue. Government has long been spending $ advertising new govt. programs such as ACA, to inform the public, under many Repub.administrations as well. I’m pretty sure you’re aware of that. As for the mandate, we are also “forced to buy” auto insurance as ppl w/out coverage caused alot of problems and more expense for others! As for redistribution of wealth, if you’ve never been poor, you don’t know how repressed/discriminated against you feel each & every day. Equality of Income creates Equality of Liberty! Minimum wage was created in order to afford the ever-rising, current cost of living. It’s not fair that virtually unregulated corporations, making record-breaking profits, are paying only half and a third the wages they should be for the current cost of living! Even worse when you consider how many small businesses they have put out of business! This should tell you why new businesses aren’t popping up everywhere – no one can compete w/ these giants who have been given all the breaks and tax hand-outs – and ppl can’t make it on what they’re paying! Virtually everyone wants to own their own business; don’t you think they would if they could? The only way one can compete these days is to come up w/ something obscure & non-retail like Jonathan on that same show. How many ppl can all run non-retail or mining businesses? And how can he do it if we are so “over-regulated” as you claim? Now I hear a Repub-controlled Congress wants to force an even more extreme NAFTA upon us – after shaming & threatening Clinton to sign the first one into place! When I was in college and the beauty pageant circle, I knew I could be a conservative, wealthy star if I wanted to spew your typical talking points. Pretty easy, but I wouldn’t feel good about myself because I knew that life, for most, is much more complicated than the surface rhetoric you are always chirping!

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